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The future Princess Diana dances for five minutes with a teenage boy in a wheelchair, an encounter that colors the rest of his life, though quickly forgotten by her. Alex’s story is told in counterpoint with Diana’s final day before her fatal accident in Paris. All day she tries to reach a friend in London, hoping to hear news that will bring a new direction to her life.

“I loved this book, couldn’t put it down–in fact I read it on a flight home from Europe. What a heartfelt world Jo Salas evokes with such a light touch, such care, and so many beautiful sentences. It was a pleasure to read each page, so I took my time. It is a humanizing story. And in case anyone is keeping count…I cried four times. My seat mate got a little uncomfortable. I sure didn’t. I recommend it enthusiastically.” –Amazon reader comment





Jo Salas is a writer of fiction and nonfiction living in the Mid Hudson Valley of New York. She is the cofounder of Playback Theatre.