Story-based improvisational theatre theatre that builds connection, dialogue, and change. Volunteers from the audience tell personal stories during a performance, then watch as trained actors and musicians create theatre on the spot. read more




Dancing with Diana, published by Codhill Press.

New novel: Anticipation

Short fiction published in anthologies and literary journals.

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For a while after September 11th we didn’t know how to refer to the cataclysm we spoke of day and night. “The bombing” wasn’t accurate. “The attacks on the World Trade Center” was too much of a mouthful and left out the Pentagon and the plane that fell in the Pennsylvania countryside. What we usually said was “when it happened” or “since it happened.” There was no need to say what “it” was. After a while—weeks? longer?—it acquired a name: “September 11th” or “9/11.” read more