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Month: September 2015

Goodreads giveaway and New Paltz reading has a “giveaway” for Dancing with Diana ending September 30. You can enter for a free copy if you’re a member (and anyone can join). Go to the website, click on “Explore” then “giveaway.” (Sorry–US only because of shipping costs)

And Inquiring Minds Bookstore in New Paltz is hosting a reading/booksigning on Friday September 18, 7pm. 6 Church St, New Paltz.

“A literary vision of Playback beyond theatre”

A man in Germany sent me this email recently after reading Dancing with Diana:

“I sat down, took your book, reading – tears coming – continue reading. I was kind of surprised how tense and how painful you was [were] willing (and able) to depict those scenes at school, and also their reverberations in later life. I also appreciate – and share – your empathy with Diana in her last days.

The reader grasps the possibility of change, at least in our mind and in what we remember, when Alex returns to his former school and speaks frankly. I think this is a literary vision of Playback beyond theatre, of a single – yet connected human being who is acting as a citizen.”

Alex and Michele’s experience with bullying is firmly based on Playback work in schools but I had not thought of this further connection. This reader is a filmmaker who is familiar with Playback Theatre. His comment illuminated something for me—the parallels between this story and Playback’s role in society of bearing witness.


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